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Fancy Cocktail Bar

Product campaign, creative direction, photography for a minimalistic cocktail bar

Fancy is a new minimalistic cocktail bar based in North Canal Road, Singapore focused on infusing floral notes into classic cocktails. Founded by award-winning bartenders, some would call this place a flavour sanctuary.



Fancy Cocktail Bar chopping board flatlay
Fancy Cocktail Bar chopping board knife

Colour Design

Minimalistic not just in space, but also in the use of colours. Photo production is focused on using a strong primary colour, cushioned with a neutral colour that allows all attention to be guided to the ingredients or cocktails. The process and the product take center stage, no distractions, done in a visually comfortable and pleasing way.

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An Exploration of Flowery Language

Blending the contemporary floral elements to the undeniable charms of the classic cocktails. The use of shadows reflect the past, while the sharp cocktail colours seek to entice your eyes and pique your curiosity.

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