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Leica Q

Full-frame sensor, fixed focal length, unlimited creativity

A collaborative effort by agency. and TheRightWrong. We were tasked by Leica to produce some photos with the the new Q. All photos here are taken on the Leica Q.



Leica Q Mercedes CLA Side cover
Leica Q Mercedes CLA Interior

Automotive Photography

We have selected the Mercedes CLA to compliment the positioning of the Q within Leica's product line. Entry level machinery, easy to operate, yet no compromise on quality. Automotive photography is exceptionally tricky because of reflections, intense highlights and shadows that have to be blended into one photo. Safe to say, we were more than satisfied.

Leica Q Mercedes CLA outdoors

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Leica Q Mercedes CLA close up

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Leica Q Mercedes CLA outdoors city

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No Holding Back

Day and night shoots were in the production plan to push Q's capabilities to the limit. This is a photoshoot yes, but it is also a test, a rigorous one. Dynamic range is very impressive, chromatic aberration controlled extremely well by the Summilux 28mm f/1.7 ASPH lens.

Leica Q Mercedes CLA Front colour
Leica Q Mercedes CLA Front BW

A Pioneer by Tradition

This concept has been central to Leica's philosophy - based on the art of engineering on one hand, and on visionary risk-taking on the other.

Leica Q Mercedes CLA Cover colour

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Leica Q Mercedes CLA Cover BW

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