Redbull f1 cover

Infiniti Redbull Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix

Fast Frames

We were tasked to produce some photos for the Infiniti Redbull Formula 1 team while they scorched the public roads in hot, humid Singapore.


Infiniti Redbull F1 Team

Redbull F1 Garage Engineers 2
Redbull F1 Garage 2

Team Well Polished

Behind the cars that dart around the track, what we see on camera is a team well polished and refined. Executing a Grand Prix weekend is an immense task, done under immense pressure. Everything has to be on point. The set up, the comms, the pit crew, the energy, the rush of emotions and adrenaline. And the doing it over again next week. The team works together as precise as landing a rocket booster and as harmonious as a symphonic band.

Redbull F1 Garage helmets

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Redbull F1 Garage

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Redbull F1 Garage Engineers 4

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Redbull paddock bw

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Give You Wings

We are always in awe of the presence Redbull F1 team has amongst the others. Show up in style and confidence, enjoy the process and not take yourself too seriously. Since their entry to Formula 1 in 2004, Redbull has been an undeniable force in the sport. The pace at which the team has been developed is incredible and a benchmark for all aspiring teams.

F1 Safety Car SLS
F1 marshalls

Singapore Grand Prix

Even thought Singapore has enjoyed a rich motor racing culture and history, the scarcity of land, high prices of motor vehicles have put the sport in a back seat in the 21st century. The Singapore Grand Prix introduced in 2008 as the first and only night race of the Formula 1 calendar, has brought more local interest back to racing.

Tororosso f1 panning hero

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Redbull f1 cover

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